What is TidyEnglish?

Here at TidyEnglish, we believe words are beautiful. A simple turn of phrase can open new opportunities, inspire fresh ideas, and instill confidence. Conversely, poorly chosen words may cause you to miss out on potential collaborations or even offend your audience.

Building a customer base is not merely a matter of maximizing your SEO. It’s about communicating values and building trust through authenticity. Too many enterprises offer similar services. How will you stand out? How will your voice be heard? We want to help you connect, and encourage your readers to believe they will benefit from working with you.

Too many vibrant, successful companies do a great job publishing their message locally, but miss the mark when the time comes to communicate their story in English to the broader international market. Spelling errors, using the improper tense, or outmoded terminology are no longer acceptable gaffes in our increasingly global world.

Take a minute to review the most public face of your company, probably your public website. Does it capture the spirit of your company? Does it inspire customers with a feeling of competency and trustworthiness? Now take a look at the English version, does that do the same?

Automated grammar review software cannot possibly understand the passion and care you have poured into your enterprise. Coupled with instant translation software, your words will fall flat, sound robotic, and merely fade into the background of optimized search engine keyword algorithms. TidyEnglish helps you stand above the crowd.

We listen to you and find the essence of your message, crafting a message that reminds the audience of the power of a story, and gives you the opportunity to showcase the passion and enthusiasm your enterprise represents.

I welcome you to look through our offerings, and contact us when you’re ready to shine.

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