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Marketing Copywriting

Whether it is launching your next Marketing Campaign, sending out Corporate Communications, publishing Professional Articles, contacting Potential Investors, or creating sizzling Press Releases, let TidyEnglish help you present fresh and exciting content tailored just for you.

Need a quick review of contract terms for: Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreements, Catering and Hotel Agreements, Master Service Agreements, Amendments, Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Hosting Agreements or more? Let us know.

Marketing ServicesSizeFee24 Hour Guarantee12 Hour Guarantee
Fresh CopyQuarter Page€7.00€8.00€12.00
Fresh CopyHalf Page€12.00€8.00€12.00
Fresh CopyFull Page€25.00€8.00€12.00
Fresh Copy5 Pages or More (per page)€20.00€15.00€25.00
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Marketing: Proofreading for Clarity & Tone

Already have content that you are proud of? Polished off a gleaming response to a competitive bid, but aren’t sure if the English version captures the heart of your business? TidyEnglish will help. Going deeper than checking simple grammar, spelling, and syntax, TidyEnglish works to understand you and your business. We will craft words that help you express your company in your own voice.

Marketing ServicesSizeFee24 Hour Guarantee12 Hour Guarantee
ProofreadingQuarter Page€3.00€5.00€8.00
ProofreadingHalf Page€5.00€5.00€8.00
ProofreadingFull Page€10.00€5.00€8.00
Proofreading5 Pages or More (per page)€7.00€10.00€15.00
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Academics, Career, and General Drafting Needs

Need a targeted precise Resume to land your dream job?

Want a professional Cover Letter with that personal touch to put you over the top?

Do you want to write a professional article to demonstrate your expertise?

TidyEnglish can give you the tools to get you noticed

Are you in Academia, and want to ensure that papers and articles are clear and taken seriously?

TidyEnglish can help.

Need to give an invocation or a speech for a special moment?

Want to send a firm and professional letter of complaint or, cancel a lease, or request for refund?

TidyEnglish is here for you.

Academic & General ServicesSizeFee24 Hour Guarantee12 Hour Guarantee
CV DraftingNull€25.00€10.00€15.00
Cover Letter DraftingNull€10.00€10.00€15.00
CV + Cover Letter DraftingNull€27.00€10.00€15.00
CV ProofreadingNull€15.00€15.00€20.00
Cover Letter ProofreadingNull€10.00€15.00€20.00
CV + Cover letter ProofreadingNull€20.00€15.00€20.00
Article Proofreadingper Page€10.00€15.00€25.00
Article Proofreading5 Pages or More (per page)€7.00€15.00€25.00
Basic CorrespondenceN/A€7.00€10.00€15.00
Invocations, Speeches, Announcements DraftingCustom Custom€20.00€30.00
Invocations, Speeches, Announcements Proofreading(per half page)€7.00€20.00€30.00

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